Review: Vinted Bought Clarks Brogues

Remember last week when I told you about cool fashion app Vinted?

Well today these arrived…


My Clarks leather shoes!

This review is as much about the shoes as it is the app as they tracked my order all week and even prompted the sender to check if she’s remembered to post them, to which I got a photo receipt of the postage!

So the shoes themselves came in a standard padded envelop which meant a couple of the tassels were upturned. Little bit disappointing but what can you do when you only paid £15 for them.

On the sellers pictures they appeared crisp white, however when I got them they were more of a pink shell hue. This would be quite annoying but I do like the colour actually and feel like they’ll warm up my autumn wardrobe nicely.

It’s true they’ve never been worn and the overall fit is lovely and comfy – I’m so glad I bought them.

So scores time…

For the Vinted app I’d give them a solid 9/10 they kept in contact with me and made sure the supplier had stuck to the contract.

For the shoes I think a 6/10 is reasonable given the condition they arrived in and the colour. However they were an incredible price for Clarks leather and I do love them!


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