Nails Inc: Alexa Silk

Last week at work we were treated to a sneak peak of the Very Beauty Bus.

A bus filled with hair and make up products to test out as well as skincare and my personal favourite Nails Inc!

I waited for my turn thinking about whether to try out one of their new gels or one from the exclusive Alexa Chung range…

Her collection of polishes have only been out for a week and are based around textures-remember their denim and concretes?

Well this collaboration goes one step further and introduces our nails to camouflage glitter, cashmere, lace and silk (as well as various Kales too)!

As I had my nails buffed and coated in one of the kale treatments I spoke to the Nails Inc rep who said her fave was silk so skip forward 10 minutes and this is what happened…


Originally I was thinking what makes the silk any different from their gorgeous gels collection? However after two carefully painted coats my nails took on an almost oily look with lashings of high-shine appeal and feel silly smooth to the touch.


Apparently they stay in peak condition for a good 3-4 days and then if you want to keep them looking perfect you simply apply your favourite top coat…easy!

I absolutely love Nails Inc and think Alexa’s collection has something for everyone, but would hurry as I’m sure they’ll be a sell out!


For a look at your 7-Day Nails plan with Nails Inc check out my latest Very blog post over at Laura Loves.

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