Review: Manuka Honey Face Scrub by Dr.Organic

There’s hardly a week goes by that my mother forgets to mention Manuka honey…”It’s good for you Laura, it’s great for your skin, so what it it costs £11 a jar…it’s so so so great” and so on and so forth.

So when I walked into Holland & Barrat the other day for some iron tablets and saw Dr.Organic’s Manuka face scrub I thought I’d test my mums theory out (at long last she cried)!

And for only £5.99 I thought it was a bit of a steal!


So after a shower I put a splodge of the stuff onto my hand and rubbed them together before applying the scrub to my face in circular motions.

The scrub particles really kick in early and I could feel the dead skin cells being vigorously scrubbed away.

After a couple of minutes I ran a face cloth under warm water and removed the scrub, repeating the action to get it all off. I then splashed my face with cold water for a real refresh.

My skin felt super soft and incredibly smooth straight away, not to mention it smelt gorgeous – I’m a huge honey fan!

After applying my daily moisturiser I was ready for the day and felt really invigorated.

As it’s an exfoliating scrub I’ll only be using it once a week, twice if I’m looking tired, to make sure my skin keeps it’s moisture.

Overall this is a great but and I love that I have now experienced the benefits of Manuka honey!

I’d give this product a scrub-tastic 7 as it’s a sweet-smelling, skin-softening exfoliator at a great price!

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