Alexa Chung Silk Vs M.A.C Cosmetics Transformations

AW14 is set to be an exciting 6 months on the nail polish world.

Not only has Louboutin crafted his iconic red sole into a polish that resembles a work of art, but Alexa Chung has teamed up with Nails Inc to create a selection of textured nail varnishes that are highly sought after.

It was Alexa’s Silk polish that I wanted to try out – it’s thick, glossy liquid resembling that of oil!

So after a quick application of one of their new NailKale polishes I had a Nails Inc mani courtesy of Very’s Beauty Bus and this was the result…


I absolutely loved the look and feel of the Silk. However, I was also impatient to try out one of M.A.C Cosmetics latest additions; their Transformations collection – 9 polishes mixed up into base coats and top coats. Some change the texture of your nail varnish and some change the colour.

I went for one of the pearl top coats, the blue to be precise. With a slight iridescent sheen this top coat not only protects your nails and polish, but makes it take on a completely different hue altogether.


Over Alexa’s black Silk, the blue pearl takes on a rich petrol colour with plenty of shine. It protects the base layer and lasts for days – perfect for a long weekend.


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