Red Carpet Hairstyles 2014

One of my favourite past times whether I’m taking a break from work, flicking through one of my favourite magazines come the weekend or (very occasionally) partaking in my guilty pleasure… E News! is checking out who’s wearing what on the Red Carpet.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the Baftas or the Golden Globes, I love checking out the dresses, the make-up and the hairstyles. They all come together to create a beautifully, well put together look.

As I usually talk non-stop about the dresses I thought I’d take a look at some of 2014s best red carpet hairstyles.

Cute Crops

No matter the occasion, since chopping off their long locks Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway always come up with cute and sophisticated looks for their crops.


At this year’s Oscars Jennifer sent shocks through the crowd with her throw back do that showed off her fresh face and natural make-up.


Anne Hathaway also kept her Oscar’s look minimal choosing her Versace dress to take centre stage, but her flawless skin and slicked back crop made their own statement.

Long and Luscious

Sleek and long is my kind of look (most probably because I’m not the most adapt at styling my hair – it’s also thick and heavy which makes it that little bit more difficult). However both Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Garner fly the flag for long, healthy looking hair.


Sandra with her dark strand keeps her look sleek and simple, while Jennifer goes for a little more volume. I love Jennifer’s almost beach-like, laid back look – it’s super shiny and looks incredibly healthy.



You’ve got to have great bone structure for a crop or up do and Olivia handles hers effortlessly. With a seamless elegance Olivia’s hairstyle looks great when it’s thrown up. I love how she’s moved away from the slicked back look that Penelope Cruz sported and left a few extra waves and tresses at the sides.



For waves, Zooey Deschanel really goes all out with a volumised look that suits her kooky-cool personality down to a T! I haven’t had hair like this for a number of years, but love how Zooey exudes confidence with her luscious hairstyle, bringing back a perhaps forgotten look.


Old Hollywood

You can’t have a red carpet event without someone channelling Old Hollywood glamour and Evan Rachel Wood showed us how to achieve the style with her flapper-inspired look complete with short ringlets and an emerald green V-neck gown glistening with sequins.


Older Hair

This may sound silly, but I’ve met a lot of older women who have said their hair has changed texture as the years pass by – it’s becomes less glossy, more brittle and prone to frizz.

Julia Roberts seems to have conquered the frizz however – I’d love to know her secret…conditioning routine, treatments and so on. Her lovely long longs have stood the test of time and whether she wears her hair up or down she nails any look with her healthy looking locks and, of course, beautiful smile.


Something a little different

And now for something completely different (as Monty Python used to say…) from Diane Kruger. I’m a huge fan of her style and love the fact that she’s so laid-back and flawless. Her plaited do seems synonymous with her German roots and really suits her natural beauty and skin tone.


Glossy Guys

It may seem weird to throw in a couple of guys seeing as their hair must take a few minutes to gel into position, but hang on…what with the increase of metrosexual males and male grooming there hairstyles are just as important and can completely change their look. And what’s more, men more commonly face their hair thinning, receding or losing it all together – no matter their age (just look at the difference to Wayne Rooney after his hair transplant at the Harley Street Hair Clinic)!


Two hairstyles I love at the moment are Brad Pitt’s shaved sides, long on top look that makes a huge change from his days of longer locks and Jared Leto’s dreamy locks. They’re so incredibly long and healthy looking I just want to swap with him! How he doesn’t suffer from split ends I’ll never know!


So whether you’ve had the confidence to chop off your locks, sweep it up or keep it healthy and long, there’s no doubt that a great hairstyle can give you a huge confidence boost.

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