Latest Purchase: Clarks Moccasins

Over the weekend Clarks, my absolute favourite place for shoes for a few seasons now, had a sale on which included their AW collection.

So of course I had to go and have a mooch!

I’ve got 3 pairs on my look out list at the moment; a pair of riding boots, lace up brogues and ox blood shoe boots.

I thought it best to go and try them on and ended up falling in love with these beauties…


Not my usual style, these ladies moccasins have a sleek silhouette and clash of textures. The patent toe point contrasts beautifully with the faux hair upper and I love the tassel detail.


I couldn’t wait to wear them and since Saturday, when I bought them, I’ve already worn them twice! Once to a party that same night and yesterday for a walk along the prom followed by lunch at the Albert Dock.

Perhaps my favourite thing about my new shoes is not the silhouette, clash of textures or sophisticated appeal, it’s the clip clop, clip clop noise they make as I walk.

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