Lingerie trends for 2015

Changes in fashion occur because of seasons, years, popular culture, designer releases and celebrity trends, to name just a few reasons, and lingerie is no different. You can feel empowered by keeping up-to-date with all the latest styles in underwear and finding out what best suits your body shape to achieve a killer look.

A major year for lingerie is 2014, which has seen various celebrities don underwear as an outerwear fashion statement. Take Rita Ora for example, with her embellished, white bra top at V Festival. Teamed with baggy, denim jeans and a giant pearl necklace, it created the ultimate summer outfit. Mesh bralet tops were also on trend, with the likes of Pixie Lott and Miley Cyrus rocking these styles.


Next year will see a major change in lingerie fashion with the focus on erotic-glam, as the key trend for fall/winter. It has been dubbed a touch of glamour; however, with styles becoming evocative and subtle, rather than trashy. With influences from well-known pin-up girl, Dita Von Teese, the trend has been implemented in the form of new lingerie lines by Audabe. Think satin, lace and pearls.


The push-up bra will also make a comeback after dropping in popularity over the last few years. It is the ultimate style to achieve the perfect, full cleavage look. Chantelle, French underwear brand, will introduce its Barocco pieces that mold around the chest with hints of transparency for a sexy, glam aura. Scaling up to a size G, it offers many women the chance to try out this new on-trend bra.

Lingerie websites such as will play host to all these new 2015 trends, allowing you to get the latest pieces shipped straight to your door. With a range of designs including animal print, camisoles, fishnet, cupless, bustiers, leather, vinyl, thongs and sets, it is easy to find something suitable for your personal taste and body shape.

According to Eurojersey designers, popular fabrics proposed for the summer of 2015 incorporate various colors and merging EcoPrint patterns with inspirations from the natural elements of earth, water, fire and air. Energy of Relax is a key theme for these trends and displays vitality, intensity and passion, whilst oozing freshness and energy, entwined with flowers and fruits.

Meditation themes involve shell-like patterns, with plaits and coils in a wide range of colors, while Spicy Sun is portrayed via sensual, feminine tones such as orange, gold, brown, purple, and red. Deep Spirit is communicated through shades of lilac, brown and coral to create an illusion of deep oceans, exploration and fantasy.

Staying on-trend when it comes to lingerie is paramount for many women, as consumer and retailer tastes constantly change. Styles are heavily influenced by popular culture and celebrity obsession, as well as bi-annual catwalk themes. New lingerie releases offer a range of exciting pieces to the everyday consumer, providing glamour, comfort and the chance to wear iconic garments that will carve a path in fashion history for years to come.

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