Get your Game Look Ready with Fanatics!

Not really a follower of the NFL (I don’t fully understand the rules), I’ve found myself recently surrounded by guys at work talking about it, Radio 1 DJs dropping in little tid bits of information about the sports and the teams, even a close friend throws Super Bowl parties every year!

So, when asked to write a blog about my NFL style, I thought you know what? This is the perfect opportunity to get engrossed with a sport I’ve often admired, but am yet to fully understand.

So, my choice of Jersey is the Miami Dolphins…


It’s a great colour, nice and bright for summer seasons and one of my favourite shades of greens and I love Miami…nice and hot which is perfect for me.

Don’t be expecting a run down of my favourite players, but I do know their mascot used to be an actual dolphin by the name of Flipper and, come to think about it was the premise of one of the Ace Ventura films!

So, onto my NFL jersey style and I’ve gone for two looks as I like to keep my options open, plus I have a lot of clothes!


Right, so first off is what I’d actually watch a game in…Picture this, Sunday afternoon with a cold beer sporting my Dolphins jersey (maybe even the mascot painted on the side of my face) and a pair of Nike printed leggings as well as a pair of their Dunk hi-top trainers in a cute green print.

It’s cool, casual and ties into the sports theme nicely I think!

Alternatively, if I was to venture out of the house to a bar to watch the game, I’d opt for a pair of pale wash cropped denims with rips, have my jersey tied up to flash a little midriff and complete the look in a pair of nude courts (mascot painted on the face is a must though, whatever outfit I go for).

I found my perfect jersey and game day style over at Fanatics and love the Miami Dolphins jersey I picked out!

What’s your game day style? Denver Broncos, Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers? Take on the challenge and share your game day outfit!

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