It’s finally here…my Rouge Louboutin Nail Lacquer!

I’ve been lusting over this iconic rouge polish for months and am delighted to be able to (finally) share it with you.


In the making for the best part of three years this lacquer has been specially created to mirror the iconic red sole of Louboutin shoes.


As I unwrapped the layers of packaging I was more concerned with the bottle that in itself is a work of art, not to mention the brush which takes the form of the world renowned ballerina heel.

Almost like am art lesson I took the incredibly long brush and began painting even strokes across my nails ensuring cuticles to tips coverage.

It went on like a dream – thing, smooth and with plenty of shine (application was definitely made simpler by the style of the brush).

It dried smoothly with a texture a little rougher than I imagined, but a nice surprise if I’m honest. What’s more, the bottle size is really impressive, so although you’re paying for the name and beautiful packaging, you get a lot of polish for your dosh.


Available in a range of hues from nudes to noirs, this is definitely my favourite, but who knows, maybe in a couple of months I’ll be ready to test out another shade!

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