Tuesday Nails: Ciate Flowers

I haven’t posted any nail art pieces for a while believe it or not and so on Saturday (as it was my bday night out, I decided to try out one of my prezzies.


This floral fancy kit comes with two pots of paper flowers, one blue, one red and each with purple pieces. There’s also a nail file, tweezers, a pale blue base coat and quick drying too coat oh and some simple instructions.


The process? Surprisingly very simple and quick!

Step 1

Start by painting two coats of the blue base coat on your nails and wait until they have dried.

Step 2

Paint a layer of the top coat on an individual nail and use the tweezers to select and place a flower onto it, pressing it down so it holds.

Step 3

When you’re happy with where you’ve placed it, use the file to neaten up the edges. I placed a couple of flowers on the edge so had to file the overlap away, but again this was so simple.

Step 4

Paint another layer of the too coat on to deal the flower in place, wait for it to dry and then repeat the steps with your other nails.


I had so much fun with this kit, unfortunately they only lasted until the next day, but they came off easily and because they’re so easy to do you could choose an accent nail for special occasions!

I can’t wait to try them again…

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