Nail art: Mayfair Lane meets Snowflake

As you all know I’m a little but obsessed by Nails Inc – they’re gels, glitters, lace, leather and cashmere effects!

So when I went for my manicure last week at one of their nail bars I decided to spoil myself with their latest Christmas collection of glitters…the Snowflake.

It has three sizes of glitter from chunky to tiny making sure your whole nail is covered and the brush is a thicker style that allows a one stroke application!

You can later this polish up to cover your whole nail, but the gurus at Nails Inc recommend a polish underneath…most notably their Porchester Square.

However, seeing as I don’t have that in my collection (sniff) I went for one of my summer gels…Mayfair Lane.


With two loosely applied coats it provides a cute glossy base for any glitter top coat.

Next up I applied a later of Snowflake – dabbed gently on so you can see all types and sizes of glitter for a cute as Christmas finish!

I can’t wait to try it over reds, forest greens and navy’s in time for the festive season! What do you think?


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