Latest Purchase: Blues Myth

I’ve been overly busy the past few weeks so am only just getting round to writing some of these posts, so apologies.

A few weeks ago I received some points through work for helping out colleagues. These oboists can be swapped for vouchers and used as a further discount to something on the site.

I used mine for a Clarks purchase (obviously) and treated myself to these beautiful dark tan leather brogues…Blues Myth.

Part of their Blues collection, I already have the oxblood Blues Melody and these leather tan heeled beauties are stunning.


Striking brogue perforations decorate the silhouette to add an old school vibe to these heels, while the heel itself is a modern, chunky piece of styling that I’ll always be a fan of (I’m not all that graceful when it comes to my height so chunky heels have been a God send)!


What’s more, they came with two sets of laces. The ribbon style ones you see in the images and a pair of standard shoe laces – both in a tan hue. I’m currently using the ribbons as I feel they’re quite girly and a nice contrast from the masculine brogue style.


Like with the Blues Melody, the Myths have a great outdoor outsold with plenty of traction to help keep you balanced during leaf-dropping autumn and wet, icy winter.

I’ve only worn these heels a couple of times. Once in Chester for the other half’s birthday and again just for nipping to the local for a drink. The heel is deceptively tall and I feel the 6″4 I am in them, but once you get used to this and the fact that there’s no platform to dissolve the heel height they are actually quite comfy and I think the more I wear them, like the Melody, they’ll become more and more comfortable until I never want to take them off!

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