Nail Art: Bourjois Rouge Escarpin Meets Chanel Atmosphere

Now, before I start I have to admit I’ve lost my nail pen and so had to use the brush, but this is definitely a style I’ll be trying again.

Recently on Instagram I spotted this beauty of a nail art image from @getfashion


So I thought let’s mix up the colours and try it out…nail pen or no nail pen! I chose a gorgeous Bourjois red with a gel like finish that apparently lasts up to 7 days…


After applying one coat, I waited for it to dry and tried out my latest Chanel Polish (yet another birthday present that I’ve been waiting to try). Named Atmosphere due to its iridescent sheen I can’t wait to try it on its own, but for today I’ve decided to use it as the gold strip you can see on the Instagram image above.



So slightly messy, but I love the simplicity of this design and will definitely be trying it again, once I have found or have reinvested in a nail pen! I’ll definitely be keeping the gold line, but I’ll try it out with different colours…hopefully I’ll have it mastered by Christmas and if not definitely by New Years!

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