The Perfume Edit: YSL Opium

Almost banned when it first launched due to its controversial name, YSL Opium has long been one of my favourite perfumes along with Hugo Boss Deep Red and Armani Code.

I started with the original in its special edition purple bottle. An oriental scent both sweet and lightweight. After coming back from Munich recently I treated myself in Duty Free to to the original…


As well as it’s delicate scent that lasts all day (I simply top up for a stronger smell), it’s the bottle that I’m in love with. There’s a battle between the brands when it comes to perfume bottles and packaging. However I find that Opium, with its frosted glass bottle and simple glass circle with branding to the centre is a lesson in understated chic…well when it comes to packaging anyway!

So since buying the original many years ago and topping it up whenever it’s my birthday or Christmas I was excited when I saw the edgy advert for the latest edition in the YSL perfume collection; Black Opium.


With a midnight black bottle adorned with sparkles, this perfume is oh-so mysterious. The delicious blend of scents is sickly sweet, but I love it. White floral heart notes mix decadently with vanilla base notes and black coffee top notes for a real dark floral scent that lasts throughout the day.

I carry mine round with me as I love mixing it up from day to night, it’s definitely a versatile scent!

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