To Moisturise Or Not To Moisturise?

Last week a couple of my colleagues were discussing an article they had read, which declared that your skin was similar to hair in that it has natural oils that help it to self clean without the addition of moisturisers.

I was incredibly dubious about such a statement as I’ve always been told to cleanse, tone and moisturise – like a skin are mantra it has always been around since I was younger and indeed since my mum was a girl so why the change all of a sudden?

I’m also a little unsure as from the age of 25 women should ideally be using anti-ageing moisturisers relevant to their age group. So was this article simply an anti-manufacturing piece to stop women spending hundreds of pounds a year on skin are products or is there some truth to the non-moisturising myth?

Always one to give things a go, I’ve decided (as have my colleagues) to ditch the moisturiser and try just to cleanse, tone and use a serum both day and night before applying my make up (in the day of course).

My tools of choice are from the very reputable Murad who boast a selection of skin care products designed to help with every type of skin type in a handy step by step program.


I chose their Essential C range as I had a consultation with one of their reps a couple of months in work and they advised that my skin was not overly dry or greasy and was looked after well (perhaps since I’ve been moisturising and using SPF make up for years).


Step 1 is to cleanse…and this cleanser by Murad is a gentle exfoliator that removes impurities from the skin as well as restores it’s natural moisture helping to protect skin from the damaging effects of the environment.

The next step is to tone – I’m currently waiting on the Essential C toner which comes in spray form so there’s no need for endless cotton balls. For the time being however I’m continuing to use my Simple toner.


A joint Step 2 is the Advanced Active Radiance Serum – which Improves brightness, clarity and radiance by 60% in less than one week, so looking forward to seeing the results of this!


Lastly Step 3 would usually be to moisturise, but as I’ve removed this step from my regime I tend to go to bed or, if getting ready for the day, apply a small amount of Essential C eye cream to protect the sensitive skin around the eye from skin damage, age spots and dark circles.

So here’s me before I started to use it…


I’ll be posting once a week to see if there’s any improvements either physically or if I feel my skin is firmer, softer etc.

I’d love to hear your skincare routines so please get in touchy has anyone else tried this non-moisturising regime, what results if any did you find?

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