To Moisturise Or Not To Moisturise: Week 1

OK so it’s my first week without moisturiser and I have to say, the first couple of days I honestly felt that my skin was glowing with a slight dewy tone.

However, I’m not sure whether it’s because of the cold weather, the season or (and I did read this) that your skin goers worse before it gets better, but it’s not feeling it’s best or looking it.

I have a touch of dry skin just by my nose on my cheek and a few red splotchy marks around the same place.

I also got myself a spot this week!!! For the first time in what feels like forever, so I asked around in work and a lovely lady recommended rosehip oil so I’ve bought some oh and my new mist toner spray has also arrived so I’ll be blogging about them next week once I’ve started using them and will hopefully have something more positive to report!

As always, here’s a photo of me and my splotchy red face with patches of dry skin…


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