Madam Q Couture: The Latest Couture Start Up to hit the UK

Twitter is a funny place. The amount of start up businesses I have come across from idly perusing the app on my phone is, for want of a better word, ridiculous.

Take last week for example. I was sat, cuppa in hand, trying to watch one of Ricky Gervais’ animated podcasts when my eyes kept wandering over to my phone. Eventually I attempted to multitask and ended up seeing what people were up to on Facebook, getting an update on LinkedIn and catching up on emails all before I finish my repetitive app-perusing system by ending up on Twitter.

It’s here that I came across a new follower; Madam Q Couture. There was something about the logo image that drew me to have a closer look to see if I would follow back and after another ten minutes of going through their most recent tweets, pictures and of course Googling them I thought I just have to message them…and so comes the subject of today’s post.


After several messages and a look at their new Kickstart page I can’t believe how far Sophie Ho, founder of Madam Q, has come in as little as two years.

After graduating in 2012 Sophie has been busy developing her Manchester-based couture brand of clutches. What I love most about this new venture, apart from the designs, is Sophie’s love of Manchester. She recognises the unique fashion offering that this vibrant city has to offer and so has designed her range with the girls of Manchester in mind. What’s more is that each clutch is produced locally in the city, which is almost unheard of these days.


Currently looking for funding to expand the brand, Madam Q offers two, hopefully soon to be iconic, styles. The Olivia and the Scarlett.

The Olivia is a sleek clutch perfect for the girl who only carries the essentials when it comes to exploring Manchester’s vast offering of shops and bars. It comes in either black or white and in two designs. You can choose from either gold studs or iridescent jewels (these are my favourite)!


As for the Scarlett, well this is a slightly larger silhouette, but with the same fold over wing detail and comes in the same colours and embellishments – handy for some of my friends who love to carry all their latest beauty musts with them when we go for dinner or on a night out.


For more information about the new brand taking Manchester by storm, I promise it’s worth taking a look at their Kickstart video and visiting their Facebook page as well as doing what I did and checking them out on Twitter @MadamQCouture

Madam Q is looking to officially launch in early 2015, but you can pre order your Olivia or Scarlett today! How exciting!

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