To Moisturise Or Not To Moisturise: Week 3

So it’s week three and I’m glad to say that my skin is starting to feel incredibly soft and the dryness on my cheek has finally disappeared! I still have a little redness in splotchy patches, but they’re fading.

I’ve been adding my latest purchase, rosehip oil into my routine, so now it goes…

1. Murad Essential C Cleanser
2. Rosehip spray toner
3. Rosehip oil (a few drops)
4. Murad Essential C Serum
5. Murad Essential C Eye Cream (day times only)

I tried Espa oil first, but then after a friend in work recommended rosehip oil I thought I’d give it a go and I’m so glad I did.

I also read an interesting article about using natural oils and no cleansers or moisturisers – everything from caster oil to almond oil can be used and people are raving about it…maybe that could be the next skincare challenge?!?


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