To Moisturise Or Not To Moisturise: Week 4

Well up until about yesterday morning I was ready to write a really negative post about not moisturising.

This week my nose has been dry, I’ve had red splotchy patches, spots (as you can see) and a mottled effect on my jawline, which you couldn’t see but I could feel.

Now fair enough, work has been very hectic lately and as a result my eating habits have been all over the place which probably explains the spots on my chin.

Also, the cold weather does always affect my skin – I’ve started to get a touch of eczema on my right hand, my lips are so dry and chapped too, which accounts for the dry nose.

And lastly, sometimes my skin gets a bit mottled if I don’t change my foundation. I only buy a small pot, but it lasts well into 6 months you see so it may be time to change it.

However, I’ve stopped using my serum of a night and just stick to my rosehip oil, which has left my skin super soft. And I also too the oil up if I’m just pottering in the house with no make up on, as I was doing yesterday afternoon.


So after a day of no make up and plenty of rosehip oil, the mottling has gone down, splotchy patches have decreased and my nose seems ok! I’ve still got these two pesky spots, but other than that I think I’m still on track!


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