Valentine’s Day Lingerie 2015

I’ve been busy writing about different lingerie were selling on Very this week, getting ready for February 14th.

From suspenders and baby dolls to kinky sheer bodysuits and dress up costumes. However, what’s the point in splashing out on something fun, flirty and incredibly sexy if you’re not going to feel absolutely amazing and super confident in your new purchase?

So, here’s some tips on buying your Valentine’s Day lingerie this year…

1) Knowing your size…

Ladies it’s so important to know your size when buying any kind of lingerie! With most High Street stores offering free measuring services, simply make an appointment and find out what size bra you need to buy, but remember you can change size depending on the store, so if you’re going to buy from somewhere new, maybe Victoria’s Secret, it’s worth getting fitted with them!


2) Pick a style that gives you confidence…

Now I know it’s tempting with any special occasion to think to hell with it I’m going to be the sexiest I can possibly be, but just make sure you’re comfortable with your inner vixen! There’s nothing worse than slipping into your crotchless body stocking, kinky S&M cuffs or revealing costume if you then act sheepish and coy and find yourself constantly tugging at the tassels or pulling the hem down…and your other half won’t find it that erotic either.

There’s nothing wrong with trying something new, whet here it’s red hot and raunchy or a little more on the innocent side, but just make sure you have the confidence to pull it off and make sure you feel absolutely amazing in it.


3) Know your budget, but avoid cheap lingerie…

OK ladies, now like most special occasions they don’t just suddenly happen and Valentine’s Day is no different, it occurs on the same date year after year. So, there’s no excuse for having to settle for anything cheap!

That’s not to say you have to spend some serious cash, but a Ā£10/20 lingerie set will itch, look quite cheap and definitely won’t wash well. Now you can always get a good deal, but probably not on the run up to the big event so take care of your skin and make sure you’re not itching away come the 14th.


Hope this advice helps and enjoy Valentine’s Day, whatever you’re up to x

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