OPI Nails…with just a hint of Nails Inc

What do you do when you get a spare 10 mins in the evening? Have fun with your nails that’s what! 

I haven’t used my OPI polishes in what seems like a lifetime, but I love these two polishes…purple on gold.

But first things first. Let’s do this properly and start with a base coat…

Nails Inc Nail Kale base coat to be precise.

Next up, Wonderous Star by OPI. A sheer gold polish that goes on thin and easily and features flecks of black just to add a little more wonder…

Once this dried it was time for a little Super Bass Shatter, again from OPI. This purple glitzy polish cracks as it dries. Being careful not to brush over the same part twice as it ruins the effect I waited until this coat had dried too.

And finally…full circle back to Nails Inc Caviar 45 second top coat just to seal in the effects and colour and give my look a little added shine!

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