Easter Nails with Nails Inc

As its Easter and FB, Twitter and Instagram are full of chicks, gold foil-wrapped eggs and spring-inspired scenes, it’s time to break out my favourite nail polish of 2015, quite possibly ever! My latest Nails Inc polish…


As mos of you will know, yellow is my favourite colour and I’ve always found it hard to get a bold yellow nail varnish. They’re either gold, slightly off yellow and never that incredible to be honest. Even my nail art pens look intense yet offer a thin layer that loses its colour.

However, once again it’s Nails Inc to my rescue with their latest gel, part of their spring gel collection. Not only is it a gorgeous lemon hue, it’s thick, keeps its colour and leaves your nail looking sleek and shiny. What’s more it lasts! I’ve had mine on for a good few days now and, despite all my washing up, washing my hair and general housework, it’s still going strong!


As well as the yellow, their seasonal collection also features a gorgeous mint gel too that I’ve got my eye on!

Take a look at the collection and pick your favourite…if you can!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. That is a great yellow!

    1. ljaneallen says:

      I know! I’m in love with it πŸ™‚

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