Ladies Day Fashion

I’ve never been a huge race goer, but as of the last 18 months I’ve found myself at many a race.

So this week I found myself at both Grand Opening Day and Ladies Day (the latter was extremely impromptu).

I have to be honest and say I wasn’t too keen on the idea of ladies day, mainly due to the bad media attention, but went anyway and I’m so glad I did!

Despite what the likes of the Daily Mail think, every outfit I saw was beautiful. Some weren’t the most flattering, but the colours, styles, shoes, bags and fascinators we’re incredible.


Both Thursday and Friday  we’re exceptional both for the racing and fashion.

Here’s some of my favourite outfits…


Understatedly chic in monochrome for a more masculine take on traditional ladies day fashion.

Beautiful colours, immaculate hair and oversized sunnies – sorted! This is one of my favourite spots too, overlooking the parade ring! 

Again, I absolutely loved the bright colours some of the women were wearing, especially the yellow and corals. These shoes are a great mix of fashion and function too – too many girls were hobbling around before the first race had even begun! 

So whatever images you’ve seen over the last few days, please don’t let it out you off. It’s a fantastic day that allows you to dress up, drink everything from champagne to Crabbies (which it turns out I quite like) and watch some beautifully elegant creatures.


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