My New Obsession: Grey!

Although the sun has been shining this week, I’ve found myself daydreaming of all things grey. Now don’t be worrying, thinking I’m all doom and gloom – I’m talking about nail polishes!

Maybe it’s because I’ve been wearing sandals, as have other girls round the office and I’ve been having a subconscious spy at their painted toes. I’m not sure. All I know is that I can’t stop thinking of getting a grey nail polish. Not silver or or black/brown, but grey – rich and glossy like a shellac polish.

Now this isn’t something new – just walking through my house from the living room and kitchen to the office and bedrooms, there’s a little grey in everyone…

One of my favourite Penguin Classics collections comes in a gorgeous metallic grey hue, while on my bookshelf a frame of myself and Mr imakemyownfashion comes in a darker, more business-inspired grey. Now for the kitchen and my woodland blinds with speckles of grey to my lovely Morphy Richards toaster and kettle and the extremely light grey that offsets the cream.

So now for my conundrum…which grey nail polish is for me?

Well I’ve been having a look around and here are my faves (shock horror Nails Inc is not here – although I love their gels, their greys are a little light)).

4. At number four is O.P.I’s nail lacquer in  Skull and Crossbones. From way back in 2011, it has stood the test of time and is a lighter shade of grey with their shiny lacquered finish. However, it’s a little too light for me.

3. In at a close number three is Soya’ Dove. Again it’s a lacquer based polish so gives a lovely glossy finish and is a lighter shade, which will look great on both your fingers and toes this summer.

2. At number two is essie’s Opera. Now I’ve never bought essie’s Polish, however after finding this image on Pinterest I had a look through their site and love the gorgeous glossy effect their polishes have and Opera is a little darker than Zoya and something I’d probably go for.

1. And finally, my number one pick is a brand I haven’t bought for a good few years, Rimmel. Their Grey Matter polish is dark and edgy. It has a rich, creamy-looking texture, but no high shine finish. However, it does dry in 60 seconds and having bought from this collection before I can vouch for its quick-drying appeal.

So I’m off shopping later this week and top of my list is a grey nail polish. Any others I should be looking out for, let me know!

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