Get Your Suit On!

after going to Aintree a few weeks ago for Grand Opening day and Ladies Day there were two things that struck me.

1. The men on the opening day were extremely well dressed, a little more daring with their suits and tweeds and more confident.

2. The men on Ladies Day were the ones letting the side down…not the women. The crowds were awash with ill-fitting, uninspired grey shiny suits.

With all of this floating about my head, it wasn’t until the other day, while perusing on Instagram, that I came across one of David Gandy’s posts about an amazing suit company – and he’s a man that knows about his suits!

As you can see from this collage taken from a selection of his Instagram pics. So, not to play favourites or anything, but let’s take a look at his top tip tailored suit site and a few others that are perfect for getting your Mr suited and booted.

Suit Supply is a great site full of information about suit fits, styles, linings and stripes all ready to be tailor made and shipped free to the UK. Prices start from around Β£299 which isn’t bad for a special occasion piece that fits him like a glove.

Mr imakemyownfashion is a huge fan of tailored suits and used to get his specially made every time he was in Hong Kong. However, if you’re not able to get out there, this is definitely the place to get kitted out. I’ve shown him and he approves, which is basically a big thumbs up for Suit Supply.

After checking this site out, I got to thinking…where else can you find quality suits that give you that little added extra? And after a little digging for some interesting alternatives to M&S and the likes…voila!

Dragon Inside is a cool, alternative men’s suit entailed, which uses European wools and craftsmen to produce tailor made suits for all occasions. Just from looking at the reviews, the customers are young 20-30 something’s who were extremely satisfied with the service, measurements (although some further alterations were needed in a few cases) and attention to detail. So if he’s looking for something a little bit special, why not try these guys out?

Cad & The Dandy is a smart, sophisticated duo based in London who pride themselves on being able to custom make you a suit for every occasion and for every personality. What I really like about their style is that they allow you to use their online tool to pick something you like, before you need to book an appointment to see them in Saville Row. They can hand stitch a full suit in all sorts of fabrics from the classic pinstripe to the country tweed look – I’d recommend having a look at some of their clients and their suits as it sums them up pretty well.

I hope you get to use these company’s one day. I’m having a look for Mr imakemyownfashion’ birthday later this year or maybe for his 30th next year!   

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