The Shoe Edit

Im always obsessing about shoes, even when I’m not in the market for a pair (which, if I’m brutally honest, is never)!

Take today for example, I’m busy in the office writing about all things footwear related from Converse and flip flops to Ted Baker heels and Carvela sandals. As is always the case when you spend all day writing about lovely things, I start to think that I need them and then comes the fun part…imagining exactly what I’d wear them with (the really fun part is then chatting about it with a colleague).

But after thinking about what to wear your shoes with, I’ve come to realise that there’s a general rule of thumb. So, espadrilles should always be worn with lightweight, holiday fashion pieces, while court shoes are perfect for the office or fancy occasions.

With this in mind, I’ve been sent yet another amazing info graphic from Cocorose London…all about, you guessed it, shoes!

I absolutely love this piece to use as a quick reference point when it comes to kitting out your feet all year round. It goes without saying that you can mix and watch the style advice depending on your own look, but as a general guidance it’s perfect!

Going off topic too,me hen I look at some of the shoes on this info graphic, I’m instantly reminded of my friends who never seem to be out of one style of shoe. Take Very writer Lisa, who’s always in a pair of ankle boots with a chunky heel whether the sun’s out or its pouring down, or my mate Aly who can always be found in a pair of five inch stiletto heels, despite knowing that were shopping and will probably walk a good few miles in an afternoon!

Anyway, back to shoes…what style do you love and would you style them with Cocorose’s hints or style it up putting your own twist on it?

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