Quick Tips To Remove Glitter Nail Polish

We’ve all been there, applying plenty of glittery polish to our talons before a night out only to find that the next day it’s almost impossible to get off – I mean sometimes I’ve had to leave it for days until it just starts to come away. It’s either this or risk getting strands of cotton fibre stuck to my nails!

Over the weekend I posted about my Nails Inc express mani and had their latest glitter Luxe Boho polish applied over the top of a lilac gel. It looked great, plenty of fun, colour and popping with personality. However, after a weekend spent jet washing decking and pottering in the garden it started to chip a little and so tonight I have scrubbed it off…and I mean scrubbed.

So, what’s a girl to do. I love glitter but loathe taking it off.

Well it got me thinking after the first hand – whenever I’ve used false nails (which really hasn’t been often, but I’m a fan of Henry Holland’s designs) I use the following technique:

Laura’s way…

I soak a cotton ball in acetone nail polish and press it to the nail before wrapping it in foil and leaving for 5 minutes before checking it, leaving it for another 5 if needed. After this the false nail, much like the glitter to my surprise just slides off.

As it’s an acetone nail polish remover I,always soak my nails in warm soapy water afterwards for a few minutes and then apply Nails Inc Superfood base coat to help strengthen them.

However, after a little more research it’s crazy as to some of the techniques girls use to remove globular glitter balls!

Best advice…

Probably my favourite find was a girl,who,said that she simply applies a cheap nail polish over the top of her sparkly pinkies when she’s ready for it to come off, waits a few minutes for the new polish to bond with the one beneath, before removing it with ease with normal polish remover and a cotton ball.

Most bizarre…

While apparently a hit with several girls, this technique is by far the most weird I’ve read. So simply pop into your local craft store and pick up,some white felt, that’s right felt and make sure it is white and not coloured – maybe it stains or maybe it’s just more obvious, I’m not sure. Apply your remover and scrub as usual. The felt is more abrasive so removes the glitter quickly and, unlike cotton balls, doesn’t leave any annoying bit of fibre.

Failing this you can always use an old pair of tights…

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