Friday Nail Post: I’ve Finally Found My Grey!

OK so a few weeks ago you may remember my post about my new obsession for grey polishes. I’d looked at absolutely loads from my fave Nails Inc to a long lost friend…Barry M, but was umming and ahhing for a while, unable to make up my mind.

So last week I was out shopping with a friend, who was shopping for her holidays. As she picked up sun cream, mascara and a BB cream, I found myself perusing the shelves (a little jealous of her San Fran-Vegas-LA adventure) and was drawn to the Bourjois counter.


Part of their SO laque glossy collection, Taupe Modele 05 is a lighter grey than I was originally looking for, but I have a dusty pink in this range and love the gloss. It’s much thicker than say a Nails Inc gel and once dry ( make sure you leave it a little longer than usual to avoid any smudging or unevenness to the polish) it really does have a shiny, lacquer look that’s so shiny you can almost see your face in it!


When I applied the first coat (top pick) I was a little disappointed to be honest at the light hue and was quite tempted to apply a thicker coat, but this can often be quite messy in the long run – so I was patient for once!

I waited for the first coat to dry properly before applying the second – I just love how this glossy polish glides onto the nail, all it takes is one easy stroke of the brush. The second coat was perfect, the colour was a shade darker and the polish thick and creamy with plenty of shine.

I’m giving this Borjois polish a 7/10. It could have been a 9 if it only needed one coat! 

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    1. ljaneallen says:

      I know it’s gorgeous isn’t it?!

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