AW15 Trends in 5 Minutes: Electro Luxury 

Already being hailed as the season that has something for everyone AW15 is a real mix of feminine hues, eighties power looks and glitzy glamour.

Tonight however, were focussing on Electro Luxury – a real mix of disco, glam rock, pleats and textures. From vibrant, glittery hues to moody, dirty colour palettes, this trend has it all. It’s powerfully feminine and dazzlingly beautiful oh, and it’s definitely NOT for the faint hearted!

From Christoher Kane’s vintage green pleated skirt that’s just the separate for the office to Balmain’s luxe floor-length occasion dresses, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

The pieces came in all lengths at Christopher Kane, but each maintained the shimmery current of electric running through them giving them a luxe sheen that glistens under the lights.

Balmain was equally as glitzy but came in a more feminine silhouette with fabrics skimming the runway and oversized belts nipping in waif-like waists. Every seam seemed to shimmer and every thread glistened no matter the colour nor the piece. From maxi skirts and formal wear to bold, zesty jackets, the runway came alive with the colours and fabrics used in this stunning show.  

Emilio Puccini is fast becoming one of my favourite designers of the moment and their take on the Electro Luxury trend is all out glam. From high hemlines to lurex-like bandage fabric, the models were quite literally wrapped in luxe. With no need for embellishments, the textured fabric shimmers effortlessly with each movement, catching the light and giving your silhouette a glint.

Although these styles seem extremely glitzy, you don’t need to dress head to toe in it. Instead warm up to it with a glitzy party dress here and a lured pleated skirt there and slowly build your wardrobe up x


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