Sports Luxe Nails…and a kooky owl print!

sorry it’s been ages since my last post, promise I’ll pick them back up again (I’ve got some serious brainstorming planned)!

One reason for the lack-lustre approach is work. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but it has been super busy lately so nails, purchases and so on have had to stop. I’ve been that tired that I’ve just not been in the mood to write when I get home, which is not like me!

So to perk me up a girl on my team brought in some nail polishes (she knows me so well) that she no longer wanted.

One of which was a super cute, neon pink Barry M Gelly. Now from previous posts you’ll know that I thought these polishes took too long to dry, which I still think is true, but when you’re given nail polish and you’re going crazy from looking at your email there’s only one thing to do…

SPORTS LUXE NAILS! That’s right, I quickly painted the tips (2 mins tops) then admired my track-inspired yet pretty nail art…before getting back to my emails, buyer’s requests and more!

They’ve definitely helped though and now I feel ready to get brainstorming and writing!!!

Oh and the owls are just a cute background that help me feel motivated too! 

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