Floppy Fedora Ready For Autumn/Winter

After meeting my other half just over two years ago I have found myself standing next to him as we watch horses race past on the track…he’s a horse racing fan and loves just watching the horses in the parade rings as well as running past and to be fair, since visiting Aintree, Chester and Epsom I’ve come to quite like it too.

However, for my part it’s more about the fashion, or sometimes lack of it depending on the event. I’ve been to race tracks in everything from jeans to a full-length Ted Baker dress, but what I really like is the in between stage. The “I haven’t really tried too hard, but look at me.”

I mentioned several times how much I liked the girls’ fedoras and for my birthday received this beauty from the beau…


In my favourite hue, the camel tone is like black in a way – a wear-with-anything piece and the floppy, relaxed style is very me! From John Lewis it’s a classic look with just a simple tie as the only detail.

I absolutely love it and most recently it has accompanied me to my new favourite race track, Haydock. With autumn leaves still on the trees and a subtle breeze I teamed it with a Burberry-inspired cape and aviators for a simple yet statement Autumn style.

Until spring though I think I’ll stay clear of the courses…it’s far too windy for my favourite hat!

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