Infographic: The Watches of James Bond

By now you’ve probably all managed to see the latest Bond film, Spectre. For me it wasn’t as dramatic or intense as Skyfall, however it was packed with thrill factors and definitely worth a watch.

Speaking of watches, Watches2U have sent through yet another amazing Infographic all about, you guessed it, the watches of 007 himself.

For decades James Bond has been considered the epitome of style and sophistication. Yet each Bond has had their own unique look to go along with their own, quite different, portrayals of the character. Some are at the darker end of the spectrum, while others have been more playful as they seduced their way around the globe. 

The different tone of each Bond is reflected not just in the way they approach being an international super-spy, but also in what they wear on their wrist. Just like with everyone else, you can tell a lot about a Bond by their choice of timepiece. This is not restricted to the look and feel of the watch they choose, but also includes how they use that watch.

For example; while some Bonds enjoy using the full range of Q gadgetry in their watches others prefer a watch that simply looks great and tells the time.

In this infographic the team at Watches2U hail every watch that has graced the wrist of James Bond and go on to say what their choice of watch says about their interpretation of the role. From the classic Rolex Submariner, through the digital era of Moore, to the Omega years of Brosnan and Craig every watch here has added in its own way to the story of James Bond.

Is James Bond your style icon? Do you dream of sipping champagne at exclusive parties? Driving the latest sportscar? Sadly they cannot make this dream come true but they can give you the style tools needed to make a start. From stylish yet simple timepieces from Bulova and Rotary to tech inspired gadget loaded, need a phone book sized manual, watches from Casio. Whatever your style of Bond they have something to help lift it a little higher. 

Whichever Bond you aspire to be, rest assured that you will find the perfect timepiece at Watches2U…

Bond Watches Infographic
The Watches Of James Bond by Watches2U

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