The Club a House Liverpool

What better way to de-stress after a day of computer glitches, meeting after meeting and endless questions?

A dinner date with one of your faves at a new place in town!

Ok, so The Club House in Liverpool One is a beachy-themed bat and restaurant that you can’t help but love.

Not only was it a stressy day, but there was a closure on the expressway which meant every Tom, Dick and Harey was heading into the city centre. So after nearly an hour I was relieved when the batman placed down my strawberry daiquiri (on tap, so took seconds, but still tasted super fresh)!

As you can imagine, this went down a treat and gave us time to look over the menu again and again and again…we couldn’t for the life of us make up our minds!

Relatively simple, there’s chicken, burgers, platters and hanging keebabs (as you can see in this pic of me digging in)!

But oh wow! We ate every single last bit and loved the mix of sweet chilli and garlic butter that drizzled over the chicken.

Everything from the service to the decor was a hit and I can’t wait to have a few drinkies in the deck chairs outside…roll on summer!

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