Thursday Nails: Nails Inc Superfood Boost

Its been a while since I’ve bought any nail polishes and then I received an email…

Enough said. I jumped on it. A rose gold polish? It’s luxe, great with sun-kissed skin and so in season!

Well I bought this, but then fell in love with this beauty day next to it…

…Gloucester Crescent by Nails Inc (that’s blue/grey to you and me).

What’s more, it’s part of their new collection of Sweet Almond polishes – a fresh Spring take on the classic pastel hues we’re used to.

Not only do they come in four amazing shades, each polish features a sweet almond oil base enriched with Matcha powder, which is a powerful antioxidant.

So as well as looking luxe and glossy they also give your nails an intense moisture boost for better mail health and protection. Perfect!

Step 1: Apply your base coat – I always go for my Nails Inc nailkale base coat for added protection and strength.

Step 2: Apply two coats of this sweet almond polish to dry nails – it goes on super easy with a glossy finish-I love it!

Step 3: Once they’re dry apply a trusty top coat to avoid chipping. Again, as I’m an advocat of Nails Inc, I ise their caviar 45 second polish that gives nails a gel-like finish.



Each shade is formulated with a sweet almond oil base and enriched with Matcha powder – a powerful and potent antioxidant. The result is an intense moisture booster for optimum nail health and protection.

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