Infographic: Wedding Lehenga Reuse After Marriage

OK, so many of you may have been like me when you first read the title of this post. Lehenga? But after reading this post it’s very obvious its a traditional Indian wedding dress.

I was amazed reading through this infographic, kindly sent in by Kaseesh Online, the vibrant colours, ornate gold trims and the incredible detail of each Lehenga is breathtaking. They’re so beautiful, I was half thinking why would you want to cut it up and reuse it.

However, as the post points out, there are some beautiful designs women can choose from lo line ornate jackets to sari’s that allow them to get more use out of their wedding dress, creating more happy memories in it!

Anyway, enough waffle from me, see what you think…

It’s amazing what you can do! Has anyone tried to reuse their wedding dress and if so what designs did you come up with? Let me know at:

Love Laura X


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