Infographic: No Cleaning Products, No Problem

Spring Clean Hacks for the Resourceful…a handy guide from The Rug Seller.

As spring is upon us, it’s that time of year again when we all start to feel a little bit more energised. Whether it’s the light mornings or the slight rise in temperature, we all seem to get the urge to conduct a momentous clean up of our homes, creating bin bags full of unworn and unwanted clothes for the charity shops as well as donning our marigolds and spending a fortune on cleaning products ready to spruce up each room one by one.

Well, say goodbye to the costly pre-spring clean shop, put down that Tesco bleach, remove the myriad of sponges from your shopping trolley and, instead, take a peek at these great, innovative ways you can clean up your house using items you’ve got lying around…simple!

From using tomato sauce to make copper shine and Coke to clean the toilet bowl to using your hair dryer to get rid of water stains on wood and WD-40 to remove candle wax from the carpet (guilty as charged on this last one), there’s plenty of resourceful tips you can take from this infographic.

So, let’s take a look at it…


No Cleaning Products, No Problem by The Rug Seller

Well I always thought you had to throw white wine at a red wine stain, but from now I think I’ll keep a few miniature voddies in the sprits cupboard…just in case!

Hope you found this as fun and useful as I did. Let me know how you got on if you use any of these handy cleaning tips too, either in the comments below or over at

Love Laura x


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