Clubbercise…The New Fitness Class Taking Over My Facebook Feed

For the past few weeks my FB page has been overrun with posts, videos and plenty of shares about this new exercise class called Clubbercise.

From what I’ve established it’s just like a Zumba class (used to go to these and loved them – feels like a silly hour spent with friends, but you actually burn calories), but done with the lights off to 90s dance music with glow sticks…yes that’s right glow sticks!

Well that’s enough to have me interested and the videos look great. I’m off to a class tonight with a couple of friends to see if it’s as good as it looks and sounds…fingers crossed.

Check out the video below to get a feel for what it’s like…


As someone who has also started Metafit and Kettlebells classes, I’m well aware that Zumba is not going to build strength or burn an insane amount of calories, but it’s an added bonus that sounds like so much fun and right up my street, so here’s hoping I can coordinate the steps, dance in the dark without bumping into people and wave my glow sticks about like I did back in the day at Global Gathering!

(Oh, and here’s hoping that I can also get through the hour after a 30 minute Metafit class)…

Love Laura x


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