Clubbercise…The Verdict

OK so after nearly passing out at Metafit I had a little hour break before me and my friend were in the sports hall, glow sticks on some mad flashy setting, stood in the dark ready to get dancing.

I can honestly say it was so much fun – the instructor was great, really lively and not shouty! (Huge bonus for me). It was a mix of dances and cardio/boxercise moves to make sure we worked all muscle groups and the tunes, well the majority, were amazing.

I’ve done Zumba in the past and, although it was fun to do with friends, the music was chart stuff or even eighties and never really got me excited.

From the prodigy and “Got the key, got the secret” to some tunes I haven’t heard in years…”I like to move it move it” everyone was jumping about, smiling (oh my God, we were all smiling literally all the way through). The group was amazing too, so enthusiastic. From teeny boppers to the more mature (who were probably the original ravers) the age range was fantastic, everyone was singing along to their fave tunes and at one point it was almost, well, like a cheerleader rally with people counting out the steps. Brilliant!

I was sweaty, out of breath – it’s definitely a fun way to burn off some calories, not to mention a social activity too. Hopefully there’ll be a few more of us next week – can’t wait! I have, however, woken up with a pulled muscle in my back so note to self for next week: do a proper warm up!

I was so made up to have glow sticks again, I even took this pic when I got in…  

 Love Laura x


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