Weekend Round Up…

Ok so this weekend was mainly spent drinking, eating and catching the sun in a mere 8 degrees!

Saturday, a group of us travelled to Lytham for our friend’s bday and spent the day hanging out in beer gardens wrapped in our coats and scarves, clinging to our ice cold pint glasses (only the Brits)!

I wasn’t too bothered though as, like I said, I caught the sun! Woop!

After an espresso martini in a rather up market bar we stumbled into before swiftly stumbling out of, we headed to Egos for food…and more cocktails.

A personal fave of mine was the Queen Bee (Amaretto, blueberry purée, lime, syrup and something else I can’t remember – beautiful though)!

After drinks we surprised her with a unicorn cake and demolished half of it within minutes…

Then we wandered back to the train station for a farewell drink/coffee before heading back to Liverpool and I think I found one of the most amusing pieces of literature I’ve read in a while posted to the back of the loo door…

So, super tired and tipsy I crawled into bed ready for a cheeky lunch at The Club House in L1 today followed by The Huntsman (it’s an easy watch and I was just super happy sour face wasn’t in it)!

Another weekend has finished just as quickly as it came around…ah well, Bank Holiday next weekend. Bring. It. On!!!

Love Laura X


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