Bank Holiday Weekend Round Up…

From smashing phones and being hit on by a tranny to calamari and cat cakes, this Bank Holiday weekend has been especially fun-filled and important to me.

Day 1 Saturday: With my bestie leaving for London in less than a week and her 29th looming we had arranged some serious daytime drinking antics around Liverpool. Starting off in Around The World (bar just before you step up into the Bierkeller), we had decorated the table with, to quote Aly, “sparkly shit” and balloons and settled in for a solid three hours of Erdinger Weissbier…my fave!

Next we toddled over to O’Neill’s, another bar we’ve never frequented, but it was a day of exploring. This is the place where my bag decided to do multiple flips, twice spilling the contents all over the floor. It was this second time that smashed the front of it…I am now a member of that club!

Finally we moved onto Cava, a grungy bar that’s famous for its Β£1 flavoured Tequila shots and retro film posters plastered all over the place (including the ceiling). It’s been so long since I’ve been here, but it didn’t fail to disappoint. Everyone was rotten, having a laugh and we got to watch the young things, not a day over 16, try and push their luck with the bouncers…we’ve all definitely been here! It’s also where I had a lovely chat with a gothic-clad transvestite, who liked my hair…I’m counting it!

Whisked off in a taxi, in need of food and my bed I was all tucked up by around midnight.

Day 2 Sunday: Hungover, tired and still hungry (I couldn’t be bothered with a takeaway for some reason) I lolled about the house all day, napping, eating hot dogs and drinking lots of sugary tea only to drag myself into the shower, try and pretty myself up ready for day 2 of drinking…this time dinner was thrown in too though!

We went to the Italian Fish Club (again haha) at the top of Bold Street where I ate alllll the carbs to help combat my state, as well as sharing a bottle of vino…it’d be rude not to!

Moving on from here we trundled into Studio 2 in Parr Street to watch Sahara Skies (I’m 99% sure this is their name), the other half’s friend’s band…who have really improved since the last time we saw them – drunk, disorderly and screaming down the mic!

More drinks, gossip and again back by midnight drunk and happy…and full this time!

Day 3 Monday: Yey! Bestie’s b’day and to kick off the day I went to L1 to Browns for Brunch with the other half – getting soaked in the monsoon-like downpour as we went.

Another nap and then shower and I was driving to Saz’s for a buffet lunch, Prosecco and prezzies. I don’t think I’ll be forgiven if I don’t mention the rice salad here that her Mum made…amazing, healthy and probably the first bit of salad and veg I’d eaten in 48 hours! It was all much appreciated and, of course, the moody cat cake that rivalled the unicorn of a couple of weeks ago!

Back at home with a cuppa and film (and maybe my duvet) I was back in bed by 10…utterly shattered and happy that I’d rekindled my love affair with the nap!

Love Laura x


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