Weekend Round Up in Sweden…

After a two hour delay thanks to easyjet not having enough cabin crew we arrived late on Friday evening in Bjarred, our friend’s hometown (close to Lund).

After dumping our bags we headed straight out to the beach…literally a two minute walk round the corner…

Watching the sunset we wandered down to the pier to a seafood restaurant Astrid raved about, and for good reason too!

This is the best fish soup I’ve ever had…white fish, salmon, mussels and prawns cooked in chilli.

With a crisp white wine in hand we then moved on to mussels…


So that was Day 1 or our first evening.

Yesterday we headed into Lund, strolling through the botanical gardens, doing a spot of shopping and of course, eating πŸ™‚

We stopped at the offy-making sure we were there before 3 o’clock closing time (big thing in Sweden apparently to avoid drunk and disorderly behaviour)!

A few beers, prosecco and a lovely roast later and we were settled in for the night ready for the most confusing Eurovision I think I’ve ever watched in my lifetime.

Australia a European country? The weird voting system which looked like they cheated just to make sure Australia, which must be just left of Italy (my Dad’s joke), didn’t win! 

Then on to Sunday and a cheeky few hours in the sauna…and sea (very proud I actually managed to pluck up the courage to get in despite it being sooooo cold)!!!

And now, we’re all snuggled on the couch enjoying a few films and looking forward to a veggie moussaka tonight! Perfect end to a lovely chilled weekend away…

Love Laura X


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  1. lexilife says:

    These are amazing pictures! Looks like you had a great time – I wanna go to Sweden! Also, how tense was the eurovision tho… I think I screamed when we got the 12 points…I’ve never enjoyed it so much before!! It felt wrong to actually enjoy it hahaha. Great post xx


    1. ljaneallen says:

      Thank you! You should definitely visit, it’s beautiful and so relaxed!

      Haha can’t remember us ever getting 12 points! xx

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