Neon Nails Round Two

Hi! Just a super quick post about my new neon nails kit I bought from Nails Inc a couple of weeks back…

I decided to try the stay bright neon pink shade on my toes and fingers for a fun and flirty vibe (and I’m sure my auntie would approve of my colour this time)!

Same as last time…

  • Nail kale base coat
  • 1 coat of the neon activator
  • 2 coats neon polish
  • Top coat Kensington Caviar

Not going to lie, took like half an hour, but I did my tootsies too so ya’know!

As you can see I e got s couple of books for the week in Wales, for when swimming, walking, eating and drinking gets too much for me! 

I’m sure I’ll be posting while I’m away, but right now I’m about to eat be The Longest Yard to try and take my mind off all the packing I’m still yet to do oh and the referendum…anxious times!

Love Laura x


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