Re-post: Men Have Shared What They Find ‘Unattractive’ In Women And It Is Just The Worst…

It’s actually the first time I’ve done this on my blog (usually I re-post articles I’ve read on FB), but after reading through an article on the Chilcot report to spying out of the corner of my eye the above headline…

…and naturally I clicked on it.

I love Sophie’s, the writer of the article, remarks after each of the supposedly “ugly” traits women have, which by the way have nothing, repeat, NOTHING to do with bad personality habits etc and focus purely on fashion and of course beauty.

Now I know opinions are just that, but after once being told that a woman who wears red lipstick is trying to get men to think of her “other lips”…seriously?!? Personally I think it takes you to an old school, silver screen era (not to mention my ever-lasting love of Gwen Stefani who rocks a red lip) and not for the other thing. However, I do know that this stems from way back when, where red lips in a pub signified a prostitute, but c’mon really I think it’s safe to say we’ve moved on from these times, surely?

So I’ve decided to share this article with you…enjoy!

Love Laura x



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