Wednesday Hump Nail Art

Right, first off I am well aware that it is in fact not yet Wednesday, but I’ve just got back from the gym, showered and decided my nails look bare.

I then painted them yellow, in Nails Inc’s Seven Dials to be precise, followed by a 10 minute stare off trying to think of a pattern or tip or something I’d like to paint on them.

After pondering for what felt like an eternity I decided to pick up Nails Inc’s Regents Place gel polish and go for a lattice-style print or check and…well I won’t let you see what my left hand did to my right, but  I’m pretty pleased with this…

I feel like a kid starting spring term in a summer frock!

So basically I’m all prepared for the jump of the week that is Wednesday. Nighty night!

Love Laura x


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