Weekend Round Up: A Tale Of Two Cities…

So, over the weekend myself and Rob were headed for Wales to celebrate one of my Uni housemate’s weddings. Sounds good yes? Well it was, but I did something totally stupid and, despite my friends not being at all surprised by my actions, totally unlike me.

We were both hungover – long story, but in a nutshell we went for dinner with Maud and Meece (my parents) and got a taste for fun, as we haven’t been out in a long while as we’re saving for our trip to China…

Roll on about half three in the morning as we were heading back from town and I knew something was going to go wrong on Saturday.

Apart from feeling awful and umming and ahhing about who would drive, whether we could actually make it or should I get the train, we set off to sunny Cardiff about half one in the afternoon, arriving at five. All good so far.

We then got ready and headed out for something to eat (lovely by the way) before making our way to the Marriott. Once there I asked the guy behind the reception where the Thomas wedding was and we were pointed to a side bar with adjoining function room. Again, all sounds great!

After a while I thought hmmm, not really recognising anyone here and then the doors to the function room opened. Imagine the sinking feeling in my stomach when I saw the colour scheme was blue and not the yellow that I’d seen and heard so much about.

Well again, I headed to the front desk to ask about the wedding party name, which turned out to be Thomas and Williams NOT Pilkington!

Straight onto Facebook I went then and saw that everyone had been checked in to the Marriott in…Swansea (a stone’s throw away at fifty-odd miles)!

Rob not being very happy (obviously) was very gracious and we drove off to Swansea – missing the first bloody dance and the cutting of the cake, but arriving just in time for the food, which we couldn’t face after our big tea and also still feeling hungover…and I mean we were really hanging!

Not that you can tell here!

Anyway we stayed for a few hours and it was so much fun catching up with my Uni mates, taking some rather awful Photo Booth pics and reminiscing about all the silly stuff we used to do…a habit some of us clearly still hadn’t grown out of!

Then came the hour drive back to Cardiff, back to our Airbnb loft room – again great, will probably blog about it later in the week – only to be woken up ridiculously early by seagulls and for Rob to then drive us the four hours back to Liverpool.

Needless to say we’re both absolutely shattered today and instead of going home to relax I’m off to Clubbercise for my sins…maybe it’ll teach me a lesson in reading invitations and taking a bit more notice…maybe!

Love Laura x


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