Weekend Round Up…

It’s been a weird old weekend. My Grandad went into hospital on Friday and is still there today, but at least he’s in the best place I suppose, hoping he makes a speedy recovery!

I went with my Mum on Friday to see him and my dad, who spent 12 hours in A&E on Friday, and he wasn’t interested in eating or drinking proper food, but as soon as my Mum produced some biscuits…well he seemed back to his old self. Like squirrel Nutkin munching away!

So on Saturday, to give Maud n Meece a break, I made a chilli for us with chorizo (old Nigella recipe, without the sweet chilli) and Maud bless her bought me these gorgeous flowers in my face colours…

I then proceeded to watch film after film until the early hours as couldn’t sleep – hence the random waffle that I’m passing off as a blog post.

After a quick trip to the Bureau de Change to get some Chinese Yuan and Hong Kong dollars ahead of our trip to China in a couple of weeks, I did a bit of shopping and literally collapsed on the couch when I got in.

Very boring Sunday night in but im so happy…hot choc, crosswords and The Office on in the background!

I’ve also made a couple of cool purchases that I’ll be blogging about later in the week that shows off my recent obsession with metallics…

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend!

Love Laura x


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