One Week To Go Until China…

I can’t believe that after what seemed like  months and months of planning we are only one week away from starting out China adventure!!!

I’m yet to pack and I’m still in the midst of buying and returning clothes before next week…im seriously confused with what to pack (any tips are more than welcome)!

But, this time next week I’ll be in the air somewhere, sitting back and probably getting more and more excited for what’s to come.

I’m incredibly excited to see The Great Wall and the Terracota Warriors as well as hopefully catching a glimpse of some pandas and potentially getting something made for me in Shanghai (obviously not out of a panda, but exploring one of their many fabric warehouses).

I do have to admit though that I’m also feeling a tad anxious. This will be the first time I’ve gone somewhere where I won’t be able to get by with snippets of phrases or gestures…I won’t even be able to read or get the gist of place names, and the cultural differences are immense, but I’ve been doing some reading up on the different places we’re visiting so hopefully I won’t do anything to offend!

Everything crossed…

Until then, the one thing I do have sorted is money. Now then, all that’s needed is travel insurance, a decision on clothes, packing, hair cut and coloured, buying of mini toiletries, deciding on a book and more research!

Love Laura x


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