Day 1: Beijing…City Of The Beep

So it’s been absolutely ages since I’ve posted anything up on my blog and to be honest it’s because I’m in China!!! (Also, I’ve only just realised I can access WordPress…can’t get on FB or Instagram).

My first impression of Beijing, where we’re kicking off our three week adventure, was one of mixed emotions. At first I couldn’t get over how tall and imposing literally most buildings are, closely followed by how mad the traffic was…plenty of beeps and swerving in any direction you feel like as long as you get round your obstacle.

Actually now that I’ve said it, mad is the perfect word for this place. It’s not what you expect and, like we quickly found out, it’ll have you flying high one second and the next feeling the lowest you’ve ever felt.

Our first stop was our hotel where we were looking forward to a shower and a nap as we hadn’t managed to sleep on the 16 hour journey. 

We arrived down some back alley at The Chinese Culture Holiday Hotel, which we quickly presumed was for Chinese travellers. 

The room was appalling, smoke everywhere and the area was so rough that we immediately got our stuff and headed for Tian’anmen Square in search of another hotel.

It was at this point that we encountered a rickshaw driver who said 30 Yuan to take us there…we were right by it and got separated and taken round the back of some meat factory…


Lesson no. 1 NEVER use a rickshaw – taxis and the subway are so much better and cheaper.

When he asked for 300 Yuan I felt like hitting him but instead they got 100 and we ran off! 

My first intro to the Square then was us storming through it feeling like crying, before stumbling onto the grandest hotels I’ve ever seen which were charging hundreds per night. Now however tempting this was at the time and however nice and inviting their air con was we knew we couldn’t stay. And as we couldn’t access the internet I quickly jumped onto and found us a deal in a nee hotel round the corner…Tge Regent.

Oh my God, it was amazing and my favourite hotel I think I’ve ever stayed in. Great view with floor to ceiling Windows, full on suite and a bathroom bigger than some of the rooms in my house! 

Well I was straight into the shower, fluffy white robe thrown on, slippers on and in bed minutes later followed by room service…feeling normal at last we then headed out to explore where we were, heading back to Tian’anmen Square before stumbling upon a traditional food market with seahorses, spiders, starfish and scorpions on sticks and much more.

It completely turned my opinion round and we finished the night with a few drinks in the hotel bar followed by a 14 hour sleep…

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