Day 2: Beijing And The Forbidden City

We started the day by wandering over to Tian’anmen Square (third time we’ve been here now), popping our bags on conveyer belts where they went through scanners and walking through what looked like an airport scanner…not sure either of them were on seeing as the hand held scanner one woman was using wasn’t even switched on! 

Anyway, before we entered the Forbidden City we headed for food, steamed buns to be precise…I had mushroom and greens and Rob chose pork…I covered mine in chilli-delicious!

Once in there we had an amazing time looking through each temple and square, checking out the statues and other intricately detailed structures…

Before heading into the gardens…which where beautiful!

Once we had crossed the road we climbed up what seemed like hundreds of steps to a place on the hill that overlooked the Forbidden City and delivered some breathtaking views (we even managed to find s short cut that took us up through some rocky stairs to avoid the crowds)!

I feel like there’s people in all my landscape shots, but honestly people are everywhere in China, it really is unbelievable!

We decided to walk back to our hotel, as of yet we had not discovered the joys of the subway! What looked like a 20 minute walk back to the hotel turned into an hour and a half (Lesson no. 2 Maps are not to scale, always think big in China)!

Once back though and showered we were treated to this view…

And people said China was grey and smoggy!

Got a taxi to Hor’hi, a neon-lit ring of restaurants and bars surrounding a lake. Beautiful on entering it quickly descended into cheap, crowded and people trying to swindle you…China strikes again!

We are though by the lake and were once again surprised by how much the food was, an average meal was Ā£50/60 pretty much the same as back home, but as we kept telling ourselves we did keep stumbling into tourist spots and we were in the capital!

We did not order this, but the food was alright, same as a Chinese back home – I’m still waiting for rice with chilli and drier flavours!

After a long walk round the lake we were getting ready to go home when we found this stunning display of lanterns on the lake, just because!

Just round the corner from this was a cool wine bar nestled under the willows with authentic Chinese music playing softly in the background. Relatively cheap, we ordered a couple of beers and I fell back in love with an old favourite, White Russian, or as this place called them…White Moscows!

Not content on a couple here, we decided to have a night cap back across the lake…now this is what I mean. One second you’re laughing, joking and having the best time and then China strikes again…Ā£22.50 for a bottle of lager and we would have had to listen to karaoke…needless to say we left and went back to the wine bar.

Laura&Rob 4, China 3!

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