Day 5: Beijing To Xi’an…

Woke up amidst a sea of beeps and a restless sleepfor our last morning in Beijing.

After packing, by which I mean a quick shoving of clothes and toiletries into my backpack, we headed out to a local shop for food and drink, which we popped into our backpacks. We picked up our train tickets at the concierge desk before heading to the subway for a 20 minute ride to Beijing Western Station, which we’ve been told countless times (including a concierge and taxi driver) is “very big”… well it was, but well organised – could it be that we’re finally getting to grips with this place, just as we’re leaving it???

*So many people waiting to get our train?!?

Panicked a bit about the train (what would it be like etc) but was great, loads of leg room, comfy seats that reclined and air con too! We reached just over 180 mph and whizzed by so many new cities being built up high, it was incredible really, always building higher and higher with uniformed buildings taking up the horizon. About 4 hours in I got a little bored, at just under 6 hours (5hours 50) the quick train was beginning to wane! 

We arrived at half 8 and after a jam packed subway, asking locals directions and a 10 minute walk we found our hotel and at about 10 o’clock were eating KFC as everywhere had shut apart from some street food vendors, but my stomach really couldn’t take anything alive and watching it be killed in front of me or, for that matter, boiled chickens…so fried will do! 

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